OCEANIDS kicks off in Athens!

In the heart of Athens, Greece, a modest yet meaningful gathering unfolded on December 12-13, as over 30 participants from 26 partner organizations across 11 European countries converged to launch the OCEANIDS project. Under the careful guidance of project coordinator Geosystems Hellas S.A., the event began a collaborative journey toward fostering a resilient and inclusive Blue Economy.

In the spirit of unity and collaboration, the launch shed light on the core mission of OCEANIDS – the development of user-driven applications and tools for Climate-Informed Maritime Spatial Planning. The gathering emphasized a collective commitment to integrating seascape management, elevating the coastal regions through a single-access window platform.

OCEANIDS acknowledges that impactful change begins with inclusivity and behavioral shifts. The project’s strong emphasis on individual and systemic transformation was a focal point during the launch. The event celebrated the diversity of perspectives brought forth by the participants, fostering a culture of openness and collaboration. The launch event proudly introduced the innovative tools envisioned by OCEANIDS to empower local communities. With over 30 minds actively engaging in discussions, the project aims to foster a culture of civic engagement. The inclusion of facts, faces, and stories exemplified the beginnings of a journey that places local voices at the forefront. In the spirit of collaboration, the launch in Athens laid the foundation for a shared vision. In this vision, technology, inclusivity, and environmental stewardship harmonize to shape a resilient and inclusive Blue Economy.

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