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OCEANIDS stands for creating tools and applications driven by users. These tools focus on Climate-Informed Maritime Spatial Planning and integrated seascape management, all aiming to contribute to a resilient and inclusive Blue Economy.

The overall project objective is to develop the tools and applications that enable a more resilient and inclusive society in coastal regions via better-informed and integrated seascape management.

The central concept is to collect, harmonize, and curate existing climate data services, making data accessible, reusable, and interoperable for developing local adaptation strategies.


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SO #1

Improve access to existing data and services via applications related to CC-induced impacts on the coastal region

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SO #2

Create beyond State-of-the-Art re-usable information tools tailored to users’ needs

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SO #3

Novel climate services, fully integrated in operational EU infrastructure, to be further used by the Mission

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SO #4

Providing a data-exchange framework that will allow efficient flow and validation of data from both local and central sources

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SO #5

Demonstrate the OCEANIDS tools and application by 12 end users in 7 EU different regions, ensuring vulnerable and challenged regions are represented

Scientific & Technological Objectives


Identify all key stakeholders related to the final tools and applications of OCEANIDS


Perform an in-depth gap analysis in the root causes of poor data consumption and applications uptake by regional stakeholders


Social innovation – Develop a citizen engagement framework allowing multi participatory and co-creation towards a more inclusive society


Identify the use of New Earth observation (EO) data services requirements & specifications


Climatic models, forecasting & Meteorological models curation & quantitative environmental impact assessment in coastal regions


Develop a platform for assessing the impacts and risks of climate change on key community systems, as highlighted in the Mission Implementation Plan, including multi-hazard assessment


Develop an integrated EO and spatial data platform (single-access window) for CC-related data and services for regional stakeholders


Develop a DSS towards enabling CI-MSP in coastal regions


Deploy the OCEANIDS tools, modules, applications, and platforms on operational infrastructure in a modular, re-usable and user-friendly way


Ensure project results replication in other regions, dissemination of result to a wide audience and sustainability of the approach in real-life conditions


Liaising with other EU projects & initiatives & lessons learned

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