9th Our Ocean Conference

April 16-17, 2024 

OCEANIDS representatives from GEOSYSTEMS HELLAS S.A. and CDP attended the 9th Our Ocean Conference, held from April 16-17, 2024, at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. This conference served as a pivotal moment for global leaders and experts to convene and address pressing issues concerning the sustainable future of our oceans. 

One of the central themes of the conference was sustainable tourism, highlighting the importance of striking a balance between tourism development and marine conservation efforts. With the tourism industry playing a significant role in coastal regions worldwide, there was a consensus on the need for responsible practices that minimize the negative impact on marine ecosystems. Another critical focus area was marine plastics reduction, with discussions cantered around tackling the pervasive issue of pollution threatening marine life and human health. From innovative recycling technologies to community-led cleanup initiatives, participants explored various strategies to combat plastic pollution and promote a cleaner, healthier ocean environment. Green shipping practices emerged as another key topic, underscoring the importance of transitioning towards sustainable shipping methods to mitigate environmental harm. From exploring alternative fuels to implementing efficient vessel designs, the conference provided a platform for stakeholders to share insights and collaborate on solutions to reduce the maritime industry’s carbon footprint. 

Moreover, particular attention was given to the green transition in the Mediterranean, recognizing the region’s ecological significance and the need for concerted efforts to preserve its biodiversity. Discussions revolved around enhancing conservation measures, promoting sustainable fisheries management, and addressing the impacts of climate change on Mediterranean ecosystems. 

OCEANIDS’ attendance at this conference underscores its commitment to staying informed about global developments and networking with other stakeholders in the field of marine conservation. By being present at such events, OCEANIDS continues to demonstrate its dedication to contributing to a resilient and sustainable future for our oceans. 

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